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Fly Mail

We place a strong focus on providing efficient airmail transportation. Exclusively designed to serve all types of post office mail and express mail, this round-the-clock service is available to all destinations on our flight network.


Guaranteed Space Yes Acceptance Time 3-1 hrs
Load/Unload Priority Yes Delivery Time 2-1 hrs
Weight Restriction No Special ULDs Yes
Service Coverage Booking Time SV NW NA In-Route Tracking Yes


Through a specialized department dedicated to all aspects of airmail carriage and handling, this service allows international mail to be delivered within 48 hours, and domestic mail within 24 hours. Features include:

  • Customizable airmail transportation schedules as required by individual postal departments.
  • A service covering (all our network points).
  • Separate manifests for each flight and destination.
  • All airmail documents are kept inside special envelopes, loaded in designated airmail compartments in the main cabin.