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Fly Fashion

Saudia Cargo FLYFASHION - allowing you to meet customer demand for high-fashion garments at a rapid rate while maximizing your retail opportunities.

The international fashion industry has come to rely upon air cargo to swiftly adapt to customers’ ever evolving needs. Speed not only makes air cargo a natural choice for fashion retailers, it makes inventory management in today’s online world much more effective and efficient.

However, the transport and handling of high-fashion garments, particularly on hangers, is a specialized service that necessitates a guarantee of product safety and quality. Garments must always be handled with the utmost care at every step, to ensure timely delivery in perfect condition, and ready-for-sale without further expensive processing.


Saudia Cargo FLYFASHION – Specialized Handling and Expedited Clearance.

Recognizing the needs of the fashion industry, we’ve worked closely with the fashion logistics sector to develop FLYFASHION, a specialized handling service that complements an extensive network across key locations with dedicated storage areas.

Included in the FLYFASHION service is the Saudia Cargo online tool OK2KSA, which allows you to obtain the necessary approvals from the concerned authorities in Saudi Arabia, and speed up the Customs Clearance process. In addition, you can request Proof of Delivery (POD) online for shipments to our hubs in Saudi Arabia or any destination we deliver to.


FLYFASHION – Tailored to provide the benefits you need

  • A space protected in advance, allowing you to plan and communicate arrival times with retail customers.
  • A dedicated Product Manager and specific handling procedures.
  • Shipments loaded into dedicated containers to reduce damage and support faster.
  • Clearance at destinations.
  • Fast unloading and transfer at destinations to reduce unnecessary environmental exposure.
  • Online shipment tracking available.